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Sutri and its surroundings

From Villa Margot you can quickly reach wonderful places such as Sutri, Viterbo, Tarquinia and the Bracciano lake. Sutri stands on a height of tuff above the Via Cassia.
You will want to visit the Roman amphitheatre, the Etruscan necropolis with dozens of tombs excavated in the tuff stone, the Mithraeum transformed into a church dedicated to the Madonna del Parto [Our Lady of the Parturition] and the very beautiful Romanesque cathedral. In June, there is a characteristic procession with flower decorations along the main street. During the summer, Sutri is alive with the Festival Barocco, the Tuscia festival of classical music with many concerts, often with free entrance. For enthusiasts of popular feasts and good food, the beans feast of Sutri is held every year on one of the first two Sundays of September. The beans are a special local variety, appreciated for their special flavour.
The area around the Etruscan city of Tarquinia is worth visiting to see the archaeological sites and the natural salt reserve. Another place of interest is the historic town of Trevignano Romano, on a bay on the north shore of the Bracciano lake. The other two municipalities, Bracciano and Anguillara Sabazia, are at the opposite ends.


Just 30 minutes from Villa Margot will bring you to the centre of Viterbo. Here the must-sees are the cathedral and the palace of the popes. For a purely relaxing destination, try the Termi dei Papi spa – a perfect place to unwind completely and enjoy a day of wellness and health.

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